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Fat Trainers & Doctors Who Smoke

Would you, or should you, hire an overweight trainer? Is it kind of like hiring a doctor who smokes? But is that really a big deal? I don't know ... but you should at least ask the right questions. Ultimately, the only one that matters is: Does the trainer INSPIRE...

Kitchen & Food Hygiene

What do you do when you see someone - who's saliva you don't want to share - dip back into the food you're supposed to be eating? Listen in so you can learn how to better manage germs around your...

Annoying Workout Comments – Do You Make Them?

"My legs are still tired from the weekend." "I still have to run after this bike ride." "I worked until midnight last night." Really what we're saying is, "I'm a fucking rockstar and I want recognition for it." It's OK ... because we have a lot of shit going on in...

Salad Dressings Made Easy: Principles Not More Recipes

Focus on principles before recipes, but if you must ... (just remember that even with a recipe, you will need to hone your palette and adjust recipes according to your taste preferences) LEMON-MUSTARD DRESSING 1 shallot, chopped 
¼ c lemon juice
 ¾ c avocado oil 1 T...

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