The absolutely last thing you will ever need to look amazing, stay lean and stay fitter than ever … for real

You don’t need more about what you already know or kinda know. You need a comprehensive strategy that makes you look and feel better in your 40s (and beyond) than you did in your 20s AND that actually works in your crazy busy life. Take control of your gut, your strength, your stamina … the smart way without endlessly boring articles/programs/news that rips at your effort, time and money.

Anyone else tired of talking “lifestyle” bullshit?

We’re supposed to be more sophisticated. We have a shitload of good information at the tip of our toes. We surf websites, scour articles, and use the preciously little empty time we have in the car/train/bus/airports listening to podcasts. The Wall Street Journal has an article on stress reduction and the NY Times one on oregano oil curing all ills. Superfoods are in, then there’s no such thing. Butter is bad, then it’s yellow gold. You try Whole 30 and holy shit, it works! For about 30 days. (And really all you’re thinking for 29 out of 30 days is, how the fuck long do I need to eat like this and do I really want to?)


Instead, you reach down and feel the pillowy stomach that’s been getting a little bigger. Maybe a lot bigger. You’re not feeling as strong as you used to. Strange, really, because you used to look really good and you’re still pretty young. So much …




Wasted on getting fatter, slowing down, feeling more tired, not sleeping as well … and just generally sucking life out of you.

It’s exhausting.

It’s one shiny new alchemy after another. And you get sucked into a drain of wasted resources like the little spider you find in your bathtub and send down to its sad and pathetic end (which you hate to do but come on … it’s hard to get them onto a few sheets of toilet paper to carry them outside).

Instead of feeling rejuvenated, younger and more vital – you’re starting to feel a little … ummm … maybe less energetic. Who are you kidding? Just say it! You’re starting to feel a little old. And you’re definitely not looking your best. Flabbier. Not spry. The firmness is waning.

But hell, you’re not doing that bad. Like your momma and yoga instructor say, “You’re beautiful, just as you are!


Imagine instead NEVER wasting a single moment again thinking, “I should be eating a salad.” NEVER worrying about your weight or your health for that matter. “I should be getting to the gym” NEVER goes through your mind. It’s a non-issue.

What if for every day forward you were exactly the weight you want? No excess. Feeling strong, proud, energetic – and looking totally amazing.

Every. Day.

Acknowledging that you’re getting a little older … but actually getting better with age like a fine Bordeaux. Not just when you’re in training mode. Not just during those times you’re getting into the gym.

What if instead of wasting time worrying about what to eat, stressing about getting to the gym, reading over fitness and nutrition news or talking about it endlessly with your triathlon or cycling pals, you just knew automatically what to do. What if you knew precisely how to put a perfectly designed program and system in place whether you wanted to run your first 5k, your tenth marathon, or simply get your ass off the couch?

Not letting the next best thing phase you for one second – so you could instead use the time you do spend on your fitness and health more efficiently leaving more time for

… hobbies you really love

… expanding your mind

… your dog

… having fun with your kids or your lover

… enjoying an extra 100 pages of a book you’ve been anxious to read while sipping a cup of lavender tea or even a Glenlivet with one sphere of ice.

Mind at peace.

Imagine knowing that the hours of sweat stinging your eyes and the hard-earned money is actually going 100% to things that are completely in line with what your body and mind actually need and what you want – with long term health in mind (the ONLY kind that matters). 

Imagine that perfect bastion of health feeling so good you leave absolutely nothing on the table. How much happier would you be? How much happier do you KNOW you could be??


What if I told you that this was possible from the very comfort of your desk?

Say “hello” to the modern approach to health … 

When I was a lawyer (don’t hate me), I used to wonder how so many people who made loads of money and were so well educated … could be so stupid when it came to matters of health. Which really, when we think it through, are matters of life and death. (They are – and it doesn’t matter how many “accept yourself” speeches you listen to.)

It really bothered me. I was surrounded by a lot of sick and fat people. And I think it’s a big deal because it means we are running around less than fully productive and fully functioning … and looking kinda terrible.

Strangely, during all this mediocrity, people were consumed with talk of “lifestyle,” work-life balance and their new Peloton. The intellectuals hard at work talking rather than doing.

How was it possible that …

$$$$$ + brains + awareness of health issues = sick / fat / aging beyond years.

What the hell was happening?? As an amateur athlete I had been informally studying issues of health and also figuring out how to manage all those aspects in the context of many 18+ hour days. It wasn’t easy. I made a lot of mistakes.

But I did figure out a lot. And then I started more formally studying and discovered even more essentials that I wish I had known earlier. THEN I did the all important: I started working with people to put all of this to the test …

You’re not shallow, selfish or delusional because you want to look better now than you did in your 20s

You see, everyone thinks they know better. People say, “I already know what to do … I just have trouble doing it sometimes.”

Kinda funny when you really think about that comment, right? They go on to say, “Why would I pay someone for stuff that is online and everywhere else for free?

Also interesting. After all, the information you need to become a decent lawyer or doctor is readily available online, too.

Doesn’t mean you can make that happen.

And it’s not just that you think we know better. It’s that …

  • You don’t have time.
  • You feel selfish when you go to the gym instead of getting home early to spend time with the fam.
  • You’re already doing pretty well and successful in many areas of life. Besides, we all age! Getting a little weighed down is just part of it. (Isn’t it?)

Believe me. I get it all. We all know better. We’re all pressed for time and have demands more important than ourselves. We’re all doing pretty good and the “best we can.”

Except sometimes we have to take a step back and say … how’s all that working out for me? And why am I still fat and out of shape if I know better? And even if I’m not that fat, am I really where I should be with my fitness and my health? Why do I feel like I’m a hamster in a shiny red wheel killing myself while my little hamster feet feel like they’re moving a million miles an hour?

For all that work … in the gym, in the office, at home … why don’t I look and feel like a gazillion bucks?

How frustrating is it when you realize you’ve wasted time and energy on things that take you further away from where you want to be? All those boring ass chicken breasts and turkey wraps. All those smoothies and low fat yogurts. All those times you ordered the salmon instead of the ribeye.

That moment when you realize your precious resources have been poured into the wrong pot. The disappointing reality that maybe what you once believed didn’t actually serve you. That for all that work, hours in the gym, hours worrying about it, hours trying hogwash … was any of it really keeping you at the top of your game? 

Probably not. In fact, it took you farther afield from where you could be …

WTF. Who has life to lose on that?

So, in fact, it’s not that you don’t have time to deal with your health. It’s that you don’t have time not to.

But it isn’t too late and it doesn’t matter what you’ve tried and failed at before. Sure, it’s easy to justify throwing in the towel when nothing has worked previously.

Easy to justify … but does you a disservice. There’s a time to throw in the towel – but not when your health and your life depends on it.

We need to stop accepting mediocre – and worse, stop accepting the poppycock that holds us back.

No, the one and only thing to do is to move on and find something that does work. Something designed with real life and what you need in mind. 

Stay good looking. Stay healthy. Stay sane.
And put the flim-flam weight loss industry
out of business.


The weight loss and wellness industries have seen billions of dollars flow through them. And for all those billions of dollars and gallons of sweat and tears, it’s got us all a lot of meh.

What if there was a system that actually helped you implement techniques you needed to look great all the time, stay strong and drive towards long-lasting health? One that didn’t drivel on about lifestyle change and telling you more shit you already know? What if that system made solidifying the top of your game as brushing your teeth?

What if you could totally shift your paradigm on health, fitness and nutrition as wildly as a starving lion in the Maasai Mara trying to feed her cubs?

And what if you could do much of that work to get there from the comfort of your own office, taking into account the reality of the long and stressful hours of your life in mind?

It exists and I’ll tell you about it in just a minute … 

What life should be

I was a varsity and college level athlete with incredible training. And as a professional mountain guide and athlete, I thought I was doing pretty well on my own. Daniela brought me to a completely new level and it amazes me to think that 25+ years after my heaviest sporting days as a varsity and college-level athlete, I am still in amazing shape and in many ways so much stronger than I ever was – in addition to losing inches off my waist and sleeping better than ever. Daniela’s changes have allowed me to prepare for the bigger and bigger athletic goals I’ve been setting for myself and improved my stamina more than I thought possible  – even as I’ve been getting older. I just had no idea how much better my life could be and overall, I feel amazing! What could I have done with Daniela’s approach if I had it earlier?? Better late than never.

– Dan N

Every once in a while you are blessed to work with someone who is not only passionate but who is also extraordinarily competent. Daniela is one of those people. Her program takes a rare and comprehensive approach fine tuned exactly right for me. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience.

– Susie M

I always ate fairly well, worked out all the time, and read a lot of what I thought was good nutrition and fitness information … and yet I still struggled to lose unwanted weight and didn’t train properly. Daniela really taught me what I needed to know, ignore the rest AND more importantly learn how to apply the tools I needed to get out of stagnation mode that kept me unmotivated, unfulfilled and not near as strong as I could have been. I was wrong in thinking I could do this myself, but so right in learning first hand how Daniela could help me lose weight and set out to climb mountains bigger than I ever imagined myself being able to climb. She will always be considered one of the people who changed my life.

Nancy P. 

I used to be involved in sports earlier in life. But then life seemed to get in the way. As a working mom, I always made time for everyone else and tried to work on myself but most days, I failed. Daniela made me open my eyes to see what life could really be like, and to actually start believing in myself. After trying a lot of different plans and so-called systems only to end up right where I started, Daniela really taught me how to take one step at a time. She made me realize things I would never have thought of on my own, and try things I would never have tried before she came along. She believed in me every step of the way and is exactly what I needed to push myself further. I am excited to continue on this journey.

– Jennifer R.

Before I found this program I was in desperate need of help. I was stuck, starting “on Monday,” getting overwhelmed and quitting, then starting again. I am not an athlete trying to achieve running a marathon or climb some mountain peak. I am an average, over-stressed, sitting-at-my-desk-all-day office worker and busy mom wanting to feel better and break through all the confusion that is thrown at me. Eat this, don’t eat this, exercise like this, don’t exercise like this … Daniela made me really understand, helped me recognize my self-sabotaging ways, and made me face the tougher things I didn’t want to. I’m still a work in progress, but learning to take small steps until I no longer have to think about it is finally coming. I also gained a wonderful friend for life that has encouraged me, supported me, believed in me and showed me a more positive way to see myself.

– Teri W.

I have always enjoyed staying active and working out but proper nutrition had always been obscure to me. In the past, I have relied on a traditional “gym” and weight-lifting mentality. And truth is, I’ve always been very strong and very fit. I hadn’t any intention of hiring someone to help me since I didn’t even realize I neeed any help – but after learning about Daniela’s program, I wanted to hire her. Her pragmatic approach makes Daniela’s system easy to follow, but her passion is what makes it truly infectious. She has vastly improved my nutrition as well as my workouts. With her I found someone who can coach, teach and edify.

– Anthony H.

The Masterful Way … (which takes some work and
anyone who tells you different is a liar)


Introducing Master Your Health Now, the most comprehensive strategy to help you look and feel better in your 40s than you did in your 20s (no matter how crazy busy you are) while achieving long and lasting health at the same time you are looking your best – so you never have to waste another minute stressing about your weight, worry about what to eat / what to cook / why you’re getting slower and just DO what needs to get done.


It WILL take some work to get there. Anyone who tells you that optimal weight and fitness and health can happen effortlessly is full of it. And nothing good.

That said, there is certainly a better way to give and get information. One that respects your time and effort and does not waste your money. I know that there is a reality to living chained to an office and chained to endless demands (because I lived it). And that reality DEMANDS that you get what you need for results in the most convenient way possible.

A beautiful thing.

Everyone has time pressures, but those who have the most tend to ignore the things that they need to do to stay well – and stay looking amazing and staying strong.

That is the Masterful way. Less thinking and worrying, and more doing.

More specifically, here’s how it’s going to work. In each of eight weeks, you are going to learn specific techniques that work together for a complete process for managing your weight, your fitness and your overall health. But it’s not the same old, boring, exhausting and misguided information you’ve been given. Instead, you’ll receive only essential information to escape the drudgery of your past efforts at weight loss, better nutrition, better fitness and better weight. Never worry again about misinformation overload stealing your time, energy and money. Stop scouring websites, reading articles with conflicting information, and wondering if you are doing what you should to keep you healthy in a way that propels your life forward.

Don’t read further if you want more of the same old
(and more of the same old results)


  • Control the fat bulging out of your belly and keep weight under control … once and for all and without EVER having to listen to that that nag on your shoulder saying, “You have to get in shape!
  • Spend your valuable and limited time on the things most important to you, not filtering through boring and ridiculously inaccurate articles on fat, fitness and health (and empty talk of “lifestyle”).
  • Blast through fitness goals more effectively and avoid frustrating plateaus and burnout spells … instead of stressing about getting to the gym.
  • Radiate confidence and vibrancy from the inside out knowing you are completely in control of your weight, your fitness and your health.
  • Know exactly what to do in your kitchen quickly, efficiently and with pleasure … without that constant and dreaded “what the hell do I cook” feeling and without any hassle.

But it’s much more …

Of course it’s true … 

health is merely the foundation

I put off my journey towards losing weight and getting fitter until mid life. And then I found myself stuck in a merry-go-round with a stressful routine really not getting anywhere closer to increasing my running speed, knowing what to eat and an overall healthful existence – until Daniela’s program. It wasn’t just about nutrition and fitness but every other piece in between that I needed to effect real change. Not only did I run my fastest half marathon six weeks after I started Daniela’s program, after 20 years at the same company, she also gave me the tools to find a better job for more money. Oh … except I was recruited less than a year after that for an even better job and even more money. Anyone can tell you what to do. Daniela showed me how. Her way of customizing a program that was just right for me and my busy life was truly what I needed. I have achieved goals and continue to set new and challenging ones that have allowed me to experience life in a more fulfilling way.

– Sharon H.

Coming soon …

A spanking new version of the course (that already delivered some of the amazing results described above) is coming to you with improved technology to make it even simpler to implement changes to seriously look better than ever, get fitter than ever and truly guard your most valuable resource – your health – to the best of your ability.

Registration is opening soon so sign up here and don’t miss your invitation to a mastery you’ve never before experienced.

We’re halfway through … how is your 2017 shaping up?

Registration opens soon to the one and only program you will need ever again to change your life, once and for all. Sign up here for an exclusive invitation and preferred access. Don’t miss it … and don’t let another year slip away.  

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